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The NWDC Camp Experience


NWDC's intensive warm-up is designed for developing maximum flexibility, strength, and balance. Applying palates and the latest exercise science will help sculpt and instill the technical skills needed to achieve peak performance.

Technique Class

Offering all levels, NWDC takes pride in their expertise and ability to teach impeccable dance technique. We focus on proper body alignment, precise placements, and specific exercises designed to reach higher levels. You'll be amazed how much progress your team will make in just three days time.


We are known for delivering the hottest choreography. Cutting-edge material composed by today's leading choreographers will have your team pumped and ready to learn. NWDC offers all levels and styles from hip-hop, jazz and lyrical, to pom. Select the levels and styles of routines that best suit your team's interest.


Important to a team's success is transforming individual strengths into a cohesive unit. NWDC's stimulating and fun teambuilding activities will give your team the knowledge and tools to greatly increase team effectiveness.

Optional Classes

NWDC's optional classes are practical and prepare your team for the long season of practices and performances. Captains will learn how to successfully lead a team with our team leadership class. Seniors and/or your choreography team will learn how to choreograph a successful competition routine. Others will benefit from our class in performing, make-up design, and costume design.


The final day showcase of routines is a relaxed, fun, positive environment. Our focus is on showmanship, performing to the audience, and allowing the dancers to shine as a result of their hard work. The dancers will leave camp feeling good about themselves, proud of their accomplishments, and highly motivated with skills and material to carry them through the year.

Three-Day Camp Schedule

Day One

  • 10:00 Introduction & Warm-up
  • 10:30 Learn Camp Dance
  • 10:45 Technique
  • 11:15 Learn “A” Routines
  • 1:15 Lunch
  • 2:15 Teambuilding
  • 3:15 Stretch
  • 3:25 Learn first half of “B” Routines
  • 4:25 Drill Commands
  • 4:50 Awards
  • 5:00 Dismissal

Day Two

  • 10:00 Warm-up
  • 10:20 Review Camp Dance
  • 10:30 Technique
  • 11:15 Review “A” Routines
  • 11:30 Review first half of “B” Routines
  • 11:45 Learn second half of “B” Routines
  • 12:45 Optional Classes
  • 1:15 Lunch
  • 2:15 Stretch
  • 2:25 Learn “C” Routines
  • 4:25 Drill Commands
  • 4:50 Awards
  • 5:00 Dismissal

Day Three

  • 10:00 Warm-up
  • 10:20 Camp Dance
  • 10:30 Technique
  • 11:00 Review “C” Routines
  • 11:30 Review “B” Routines
  • 12:00 Review “A” Routines
  • 12:30 Drill Commands
  • 12:50 Short Break
  • 1:00 Showcase of Material
  • 2:00 Approximate Dismissal


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