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Covid-19 Update

Once Washington and Oregon open up phase 2, we will be offering Private Camps or Commuter Camps with 50 participants and under. We know timing is an unknown so NWDC has changed our policy to camp payments due just one week prior to camp so that your dates can be flexible. We will have 1 instructor for every 10 kids and practice social distancing throughout the entire camp. The Showcase will be broadcast for the parents. Our camps are 10 am - 5 pm. There is no overnight, and lunch you bring from home.

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Now is the time to sign up for Northwest Dance Company’s new dance camp season. Our belief since our beginning has been: “To be your best you must learn from the best”. NWDC’s guarantee is to deliver the latest in music and dance from top artists in the industry.

Our visiting coaches say it best:

“ NWDC is simply outstanding. I have worked with dancers & choreographers from all around the nation and NWDC truly has the most well rounded, professional, experienced, energetic, and passionate camp instructors. The Flames have been attending summer camp with NWDC for over a decade and we trust them for fabulously entertaining choreography that keeps our pep performances top notch and fresh. During camp, my dancers get to make real connections, get one-on-one help and learn from the BEST — it’s really a highlight of our season. As a coach, I love the bonding time. I love watching them absorb each moment, always learning and always pushing for greatness. That’s what NWDC is all about, supporting our dancers no matter what level they are dancing at. That’s why I will continue to rely on NWDC. Give them a try!” Rachel Frederick – Head Coach, Kentlake High School Dance Team
“NWDC offers a unique camp experience. Our dancers enjoy the small class sizes and stylized choreography. The instructors are always encouraging and upbeat, they truly make camp a memorable experience for everyone.” Jessica VandenBos – Lebannon High School Dance Team
“NWDC always teaches fresh and innovative choreography that the dancers are excited to learn. The instructors are energetic and bring professional industry experience. These are some of the reasons we bring our team back year after year.” Erin Hendricks – Sam Barlow High School Dance Team

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